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Blockseed Consultancy Private Limited | Hiring | Junior Sales Analyst – Indore, MP | BigDataKB.com | 07-04-2022

Job Location: Indore

Please fill the below Jotform for better data management and shortlisting. The candidates who do fill this form will be picked up first for evaluation as hiring for this role is immediate.

Role and Responsibilities:

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We are seeking a go-getter who is willing to chip in with any task and has a strong work ethic.

As an executive assistant, you will provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions, such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings.

You will manage mostly business-related tasks for the team such as creating reports, organizing travel and accommodation, taking minutes, and other organizational tasks.

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To do this role properly you should have a detailed understanding of the full Microsoft Office suite, be extremely fast at solving problems and have experience as an executive or administrative assistant in the past.

Job Responsibilities:

Essential Skills:
Organizational: Executive assistants must be able to anticipate and schedule upcoming events and potential time conflicts.

Multi-Tasking: Ability to perform many tasks at once or in a short period of time. Executives may have multiple deadlines, tasks, or issues to handle within a particular period of time.

Communication: As an executive assistant you should have excellent strong verbal and written communication skills.

Detail-Oriented: For effective group meetings, the executive assistant must know what items are needed to accommodate the participants. Interpersonal: Involves in dealing courteously with reporters, media representatives, and management and directors from within and outside the organization.

Ethical: Be privy to confidential or sensitive information.
Software Knowledge: Experience using office equipment, including printers and fax machines, familiarity with online calendars and cloud systems.

A. Administrative Tasks:
A.1. Regular at maintaining a timesheet
A.2. Will need to develop proficiency in Slack, Hubspot, Asana, Google Documents
A.3. Excellent Email Communication Skills
A.4. Excellent at Internet research. For example- find the top 10 Startups of India, and find software to conduct online tests for employees.
A.5. Curious about educating oneself about different topics.
A.6. Excellent English Skills
A.7. Calendar Handling, Event Scheduling Etiquettes, and Calendar Management- Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google.
A.8. Bidding on Freelancer platforms

B. Sales:
B.1. Managing Sales Pipelines on CRM / Linkedin
B.2. Lead Generation and Data Entry
B.3. Primary Duty: Business Development through portals like Upwork / Fiverr / Email Campaigns

C. Core Operations:
C.1. Assist the operations team in the development of the project like creating powerpoints, market research, competition analysis, landscape analysis, etc
C.2. Product Surveys and calls.
C.3. Assist the HR team

D. Marketing Operations:
D.1. Manage social media accounts with provided collaterals.
D.2. Build social media awareness by following articles, learning, and growing awareness.

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