AIESEC | Machine Learning Intern | Udupi, Karnataka, India | Bharat | | 6/30/2024

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Job Location: Udupi, Karnataka, India

Job Detail:


About M.A.H.E.

M.A.H.E. is a premier research institute in various disciplines and has been awarded the “Institute of Eminence” title. Found in 1953, M.A.H.E. has pioneered education and has been the alma mater for many successful individuals.



About the job and it’s activities

Mental stress in students may arise due to different life scenarios. It is vital to detect stress in its early stages before it is too late to restore it to a normal mental state. The study of stress measurement in a multimodal space gives better stress measures. Many researchers in the past have used physiological signals for the analysis of Mental Stress Detection and have been shown to provide more reliable information on real-time stress levels. This project aims to design a Multimodal basic emotion system to detect and monitor the students’ mental stress levels. Here we use the secondary databases consisting of raw physiological data (such as EEG, ECG, EMG, Facial, Speech, and so on) to design a multimodal system.

Working hours

Monday to Friday, – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


  • Develop a non-invasive, automatic stress detection model in a multimodal space that gives more reliable and real-time stress measures, independent of the subject of interest.
  • Signal and image processing using machine learning techniques.
  • Understanding basic human emotions from a data standpoint.
  • Employing the use and exploration of secondary databases such as EEG, ECG, EMG, Facial, Speech, etc.
  • Using MATLAB and Python to develop the multimodal system

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