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Job Location: The Great Bharat

Job Detail:

Job Description:

The key responsibilities of a Business Analyst in software development include: Jyotish Jyotish - Career & Life Prediction

Gathering Software Development Requirements: Collaborate with the Product Owner or Functional Consultant to gather the software development requirements for the product.

Requirement Elicitation: Understand the tax and accounting requirements of the product and explain the requirement in detail to the development team.

Software Requirement Analysis: Analyze the software requirement and desired functionality in detail with respect to accounting and tax compliance, and ensure that the software is compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Write User Manuals: Write detailed documentation for the software products developed, including user manuals and help files.

Coordinate with Testing Team: Collaborate with the testing team to identify and resolve software bugs, ensuring the product is functioning as expected.

Involve & Participate in the Overall Software Product Lifecycle: Participate in the overall software product lifecycle, collaborating with the development team, project manager, testing team, and other stakeholders to ensure that the product is delivered on time, on budget, and meets customer requirements.


To be eligible for the position of a Business Analyst in software development, a candidate should have the following qualifications and skills:

Education: A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to understand and analyze the tax and accounting requirements of the product, ability to write detailed documentation, and collaborate with the development and testing teams.

Certification: Certification in accounting and tax compliance will be an added advantage.


The position of a Business Analyst in software development is open to both freshers and experienced professionals. However, candidates with prior experience in software development, software requirement analysis, and tax and accounting compliance will be given preference.

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