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    Job Location: Mumbai (All Areas)


    I am glad to have found a talent like you out of the lot. I have an exciting opportunity for you to be a part of NetConnect Global. We are a leading technological innovation company with 25 years in the Corporate Industry. We are ISO certified and also awarded “The Great place to Work“.
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    Benefits of working with NCG:
    • Permanent work from home/ remote working facilities
    • Health and other insurances
    • Flexible work environment
    • Work-life balance
    • Competitive salary packages
    • Exposure to new-age technologies
    • Employee-centric work culture
    Deep Learning / Machine Learning
    Skills and Qualifications 4+ years
    B.Tech / B.E/ Masters in Computer Science, engineering or related field
    • Hands On experience in Model Life Cycle management and accelerating the models on various
    • hardware platforms like GPU/FPGA/TPU etc.
    • Knowledge of deep learning architectures like CNN, RNN, LSTM, RL, GANs, Attention Models,
    • Transfer Learning etc.
    • Solid grasp of neural architecture (e.g VGG/GoogleNet/MobileNet/SqueezeNet/EfficientNet etc)
    • with pruning layers, modifying layers (with weights understanding) and quantization (by achieving
    • accuracy).
    • Good undestanding on loss fucntions (triplet loss, focal loss, cross entropy, angular, additive angular
    • margin etc).
    • Proficiency with image processing techniques, OpenCV, Dlib, OpenMP, parameters tuning, loss
    • convergence, batch processing etc.
    • Development skills with ML frameworks e.g PyTorch, Caffe, TensorFlow, Keras, DeepStream,
    • scikit-learn etc.
    • Good understanding on model conversions (like caffemodel, onnx, graph model etc)
    • Ability to design models and losses for unified neural network architecture.
    • Must have knowledge on visualization tools while training models (Grad-CAM, saliency maps,
    • integrated gradients etc)
    • Proficiency in testing trained-models using confusion matrix, f1-score, bias-variance tradeoffs, roc,
    • auc etc.
    • Must have strong knowledge of deployment strategies like Docker, CI/CD, Test-cases and proficient
    • understanding of code versioning tools (such as GitHub, GitLab, CodeCommit).
    • Strong Python programming, Linux OS and shell scripting skills.
    • HandsOn experience with Docker, Kubernetes, GCP/AWS/Azure
    • Design, build and maintain efficient, reliable and reusable codes.
    • Document functional all aspects of the product design process.
    • Able to integrate with other platform (like C++, embedded devices, Cloud etc)
    • Responsible for ensuring the overall quality of technical deliverables / artifacts.
    • Communicating and managing work in a cross-functional environment.
    • Ability to think out-of-the-box to achieve goals.
    • Strategize the logical interpretations before get involved in training environment.
    • Understanding by reading many research papers (e.g arxiv, CVPR, ICCV, ICML etc)
    • Opportunity to grasp and understanding for creating IP-standard product.
    • One step further to strategize the training process for less data or no-data.
    • Must have eager to learn and team-spirits
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