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Rakuten, Inc. | Jobs | Data Scientist | BigDataKB.com | 08-02-22

Job Location: Bangalore/Bengaluru

We are looking for Data Scientists with deep knowledge and focus on Natural Language Understanding and Processing, Text Analytics.


  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment in an iterative manner
  • Gather, evaluate and understand business requirements. Develop data science solutions to address business requirements and challenges.
  • Extract and Analyse text data by utilizing appropriate analytics techniques (e.g. NLP, Machine Learning, Neural Nets, Logistic Regression, and Clustering ) , build knowledge graphs and generate actionable insights.
  • Work with development teams to integrate and transform these models into production quality models.
  • Utilize proven skills and knowledge, to provide troubleshooting and timely resolution of models and performance issues.


  • Graduate/Post-Graduate/ Ph.D. in Computer Science/Mathematics/Machine Learning/NLP.
  • 2 years of hands-on experience in building NLP systems from scratch using various NLP frameworks/tools
  • Strong understanding of linguistic concepts like Part of Speech, Name Entity Recognition, Dependency Parsing, Parsing, Shallow Parsing and so on
  • Hands on with Python and Python related frameworks (Spacy, CoreNLP, Gensim, DeepPavlov, pyTorch, tensorflow, keras, huggingface ).
  • Experience in building and deploying BERT-family models, Transformer architecture, GPT-3, LSTMs, CRFs, LDA, Distributed model training, Model diagnostics and error analysis etc.
  • Experience with Version Control (e.g. git, gitlabs)
  • AWS / GCP Experience is a plus

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