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Anicalls | Jobs | IBM Mobile Analytics Developer | BigDataKB.com | 31-03-22

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Job Location: Bangalore/Bengaluru

  • NET, Acceptance testing, Advent, Agile, Amazon Web Services, Analytics,Android development, Appium, Architecture, Automated testing, Best practices, Business analysis, Business-to-business, C#, Cloud, Communication skills, Computer science, Continuous integration, Creativity, Data analysis, Design patterns,
  • Mobile development, OOD, Portfolio management, Presentations,
    IT, Integration, Leadership, MVC, MVVM, Management information systems, Metrics, Microsoft TFS,
  • Documentation, Engineering, English, Estimating, Facets, Framework, Git, GitHub, Good Clinical Practice,
  • Microsoft Windows Azure, Mobile, Mobile application QA, Mobile applications,
  • Project management, QA, Receiving, Recruitment, Retail, Revision control, Roadmaps, Security, Self motivated, Software,
  • Software deployment, Software development,
  • Software engineering, Specification, Strategy, Supervision, Technical writing, UI, UX, Unit testing, Usability testing, Writing, Xamarin, iOS development
  • MVC
  • MVVM

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