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Job Location: Bangalore/Bengaluru

As a member of one of our Technology teams, you will contribute to building solutions that use natural language processing, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence applications or the frameworks and infrastructure that support them.

As a Sr Software Engineer on the Curo Engineering team you will help advance a robust software platform for speech and natural language processing. With roots reaching to the original speech recognition systems and innovations to the present day, the Curo NLP system is a highly scalable, customizable processing engine for natural language that processes millions of utterances per day. Your responsibilities will include design and implementation of new NLP components or interfaces in C++ and python. You will be using agile development practices to deliver incremental features to support products for speech recognition, voice biometrics, natural language processing, and other tasks for analytics on human interactions. This role provides an excellent opportunity to participate in cutting edge algorithms and concepts in the machine learning field and to implement high efficiency code in an elegant architecture.

Job Responsibilities

  • Software processes including multitasking, parallel processes, parallel programming, multithreaded programming, and asynchronous programming.
  • Standard protocols including TCP/IP and UDP, HTTP,
  • Operating systems fundamentals including input / output facilities, multiprocess communications, networking libraries
  • Programming experience using Python and C++ as well as procedural languages like C.
  • Build and deployment concepts like continuous integration and testing, compilation, libraries, cross-platform compilers, dynamically loaded libraries and shared object libraries.
  • Optimization of software including code profilers, cache systems, memory mapping, and analysis of software system metrics.
  • Software data structures and algorithms: how to implement them, when to use various approaches, leveraging libraries for reuse.
  • Software architecture: maintaining logical breakdowns of subsystems and components, ensuring consistency in vertical layers of software, encapsulating subsystems in documented API’s or access points, choosing and adhering to consistent behavioral choices as dictated by the needs of the intended deployment environments.
  • Software configuration management: bundling features in logical units for release, continuous builds/integration and testing, use of version control with tags and branches, release and installation mechanisms, documentation releases and updates, ticket systems for changes.
  • Software integration: specification of interfaces between software subsystems, testing of external interfaces and testing against remote interfaces. Design of data payloads and responses. Knowledge and adherence to standards for data interchange.
  • Investigate problems between systems or within systems using experience with diagnostic logs and tools and skills for isolating problems.


  • 5+ years of experience designing, implementing, and deploying highly scalable software solutions
  • Bachelor degree in computer science or software engineering disciplines
  • Experience with linux systems, networking, and system architecture
  • Experience with operating systems, multiprocessing, asynchronous programming
  • Software design and implementation: C++ and python language programming.
  • Experience using git and CI/CD for projects
  • Experience using testing frameworks to express and execute unit tests and integration tests and to diagnose and fix problems in complex system architectures.
  • Experience implementing and testing distributed systems and multi-site fault tolerant solutions
  • Experience building real-time processing systems
  • Experience with securing software endpoints using SSL, certificates, tokens and other standard techniques
  • Familiarity with construction and deployment or usage of docker containers


  • Experience with speech recognition and natural language processing systems
  • Experience with media streaming protocols for audio, video, or chat systems
  • telephony protocols, MRCP, SIP, and media streaming protocols.
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