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OPTIMAL DIGITECH PRIVATE LIMITED | Hiring | Machine Learning Engineer | BigDataKB.com | 07-04-2022

Job Location: any

Job Requirements:

  • Strong Python experience especially in data engineering/ML for ML based product development
  • Given a dataset, you must come up with quick statistical analysis on the features of the dataset and prove if the feature will impact the model positively/negatively
  • If the feature is not going to impact the model positively, need to think of creative features, which mimics how a human thinks for that problem, and be able to develop code that works most of the time, which will be evaluated statistically
  • Knowledge on different algorithms and corresponding Python packages e.g. fuzzy match of strings, graph algorithm to create connected lists, etc.,
  • Strong coding skills in Pandas, Numpy. Pandas is used everywhere in the code to create complex features. Need good understanding of Pandas groupby, sort, merge, append, assignment, filters, map, apply
  • Strong knowledge in Python objects, tuples, list, dict, generators, lambda, etc., Need to keep in mind performance of the system and use best practices to reduce time and also memory landscape of the program during run-time
  • Nice to have knowledge in ML algorithms (Bagging, Boosting, Gradient Boosting, Deep Learning (Transformers, Encoder+Decoder using Teacher-Forcing, CNN, RNN, Perceptrons, etc.,) and ML practices (feature engineering, selection, dataset slicing for train/test/valid, etc.,)
  • Working knowledge of GNU / Linux
  • Happy to work on automation, DevOps, Kubernetes, Containers
  • Experience with high availability, compute intensive distributed applications
  • Good knowledge of computer science fundamentals
  • Degree educated in Computer Science or similar (2:1 or above)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Desirable: Microservices, Cloud, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Rust

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Understand data and write production-quality code with low latency and high-performance to process the data

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Position Responsibilities:

  • Understand the data and the end objective.
  • Think of approaches to solve the problem that can be applied every time for the similar type of data.
  • Write efficient code that is performance efficient, testable, and reusable.


  • Passionate about learning and application of latest software engineering practices. Constantly updating his/her knowledge on the technology.
  • Flare to solve complex business problems using creative and out of the box thinking.

Qualifications: B.E./B.Tech from a reputed college

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