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Job Location: Bengaluru

Job Detail:

Exigent has rolled out Contract management product that is built on the latest technology trends. The driving force behind the success is our unwavering belief in clear and effective communication. Were searching for a Jr NLP Engineer/Machine learning specialist to join our team and help take our product to new heights. As a Junior NLP Engineer you will primarily focus on building the CMS platform for Exigent by working with Product Managers, Analysts, SMEs, brainstorm different ideas, research, build POCs and propose solutions that cater to the broader business needs. You will work with internal and external customer teams to help design machine learning models, data pipelines, integrate into and maintain production systems and analyze key metrics for decision makers and customers. You will be working in a team to handle the project lifecycle, Data Architecture, Data Pipelines and projects success and completion.

Roles and Responsibilities

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  • As a core member of the NLP team, you will research, prototype, develop, deploy and scale innovative ML/DL solutions in collaboration with Analytics and Product Management teams.
  • You will develop models on large-scale datasets to address various business problems leveraging OCR, NLP, or data mining techniques.
  • Design and implement infrastructure for orchestrating end to end machine learning life cycles
  • Set up processes to monitor and continually improve efficiency and performance of models
  • Software development including algorithm implementation, optimization, performance profiling, integration to production systems, testing and documentation.
  • Write high-quality production code as you build and maintain robust, scalable machine learning systems with mentorship from senior team members.
  • Program primarily in Python using efficient algorithms and software design patterns
  • Scale and improve performance of Natural Language systems in production

Desired Candidate Profile

  • BTech/MTech with having working/coursework experience in NLP, ML, AI
  • Having certifications from DeepLearning.ai, FastAI is added advantage
  • 3 -5 years of relevant experience in Natural language Processing/ Natural Language Understanding with proven credentials in Topic classification, Semantic Search, Intent Classification and Slot Filling, Question Answering, Text Classification, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Extraction and OCR.
  • Desirable to have experience with building end-to-end systems based on machine learning or deep learning methods (ETL, modeling and deployment). Proven experience deploying ML models on cloud.
  • Strong understanding of computer science fundamentals such as algorithms, data structures and run-time analysis
  • Proficiency in Python, ElasticSearch and deep learning related libraries for NLP.
  • Experience with deep learning architectures such as LSTMs, Transformers, Tree-LSTMs, Graph Neural Networks etc.
  • Experience with cutting-edge deep learningbased NLP models such as ELMo, BERT, BART, BigBird, ERNIE, etc.
  • Experience with deep learning NLP toolkits such as huggingface, spacy, etc.
  • Desirable to have reasonable exposure to deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, JAX and libraries like Hugging Face transformers, Deep Graph Library, DGL-KE, etc.
  • Able to solve realworld problems using cuttingedge ideas and independent research
  • A willingness to learn and remain agile in a dynamic environment
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills for design, creation and testing of custom software
  • Extensive experience with software prototyping or designing experimental software
  • Adept at adapting academic ideas and theoretical algorithms into a production system with guidance from senior team members

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