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Codebasics Data Analyst Bootcamp 3.0 Review By

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In this article we will review Codebasics Data Analyst Bootcamp 3.0 , the latest data analyst bootcamp by codebasics which offers placement assistance with 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

What’s Unique in this Data Analyst bootcamp 3.0, as per

  • As per their website , Codebasics is offering no question asked 30 days money back guarantee.

Codebasics data analyst bootcamp

  • They will create a portfolio website to showcase your work, which is extremely helpful to give you an extra edge among others, this also helps you keep a track of what skills you have.
    Codebasics data analyst bootcampCodebasics data analyst bootcamp
  • Unlimited daily assistance for clearing doubts through a private Discord community.
  • In this Data Analyst bootcamp 3.0 they are talking about AI enabled Data Analyst, not just a Data Analyst, which will include, Effective Prompts & AIcode/ML Basics in addition to normal data analytics related syllabus.
  • You will be working on Complex datasets, such as those found in companies, with over 7 million records.
  • They confidently say like that, don’t worry about Degree.Codebasics data analyst bootcamp 3.0
  • This best part that we loved was, they are not teaching too many things. They are just focusing on the core part of the data analytics (Excel, SQL & Power BI) to save your most valuable time. In depth syllabus of this Codebasics data analyst bootcamp 3.0 can be download here

    Codebasics Data Analyst Bootcamp Free Courses

  • Before you enroll, they are also offering Free courses in their data analyst bootcamp 3.0, to let you check the quality of their teaching.Codebasics data analyst bootcamp free


  • Very cost effective: They are charging you just ₹6300 until 11th July 11:59 PM IST to teach you Excel, SQL & Power BI with placement assistance & 100% money back within 30 days. Many of the other training companies are charging more than this fee just to teach Basics of Excel.

    Placement Assistance

  • They will be using a Smart Job Assistance Portal to help you get placed (as per their website, “We don’t make fake job guarantees. But our learners get placed”)
    Dhaval Patel , founder of the codebasics youtube channel has shared a video to discuss more on this portal.

    What they will cover in this Smart Job Assistance:

    -Creating an ATS-friendly resume
    -Projects and step by step guidance to create an impressive portfolio
    -Recorded mock interview session for real-life interview experience
    -Resume review, LinkedIn profile review & interview preparation support

    Projects & Internship

    In their website, They have also mentioned about the Industry oriented projects and Internships, however we are not talking much about them here because, for us above points are more than enough for an awesome Data Analyst bootcamp which is taking very less time, is very cost effective and most importantly offering 100% money back if not satisfied , that too within 30 days of huge time (many top brands only give 7 days to test before asking for Refund)

    As per their PDF based Syllabus, here is a brief of their Virtual Internship:

    “In our Virtual Internship, you’ll gain practical experience in data analytics using PowerBI, SQL, Excel, and Python. You’ll learn Scrum project management, improve debugging skills, and master data cleaning and transformation. Understanding requirements and presenting complex analysis concisely are key focuses.”

    As per the landing page of their Data Analyst bootcamp 3.0 they say total 9 projects (Please see the screenshot) , however as per the pdf syllabus we found only 8 below mentioned projects, (please check this with them)

    Excel projects
    (2)(Just FYI, ATLIQ is codebasics own company)

    Power BI Project (1)

    SQL Projects (2)

    Python Project (1)

    Virtual Internship Projects (2)

    codebasics data analyst projects
    codebasics data analyst projects as mentioned on their bootcamp’s landing page
  • No need to Learn Python Or Tableau Or to finish AI modules before applying for jobs, rather they will make you job ready just after Excel, SQL & Power BI (please see the screenshot)

    Codebasics data Analyst Roadmap
    Codebasics data Analyst Roadmap

FAQs related to Codebasics Data Analyst Bootcamp 3.0

  • Do they cover complete Excel including Basics & Advanced Excel ?
    Yes, as per their website, please see the screenshot below

    -Excel introduction
    -Essential features
    -Cleaning bad data
    -Basic Maths and Statistics
    -Mean, Median, Mode
    -Variance, Standard Deviation
    -Commonly Used Business Metrics (P & L)
    -Combining data with VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, XLOOKUP
    -Merging Data
    -Adding New Columns
    -Loading Power Query Data to Excel
    -Report creation
    -Pivot Table options and formatting
    -Power Pivot and DAX
    -Data modeling
    -Basics of VBA
    -Functional Knowledge: Sales
    -User Empathetic Report Design
    -Sales Analytics
    -ETL (Extract, Transform & Load Data)
    -Conditional formatting
  • Do they cover complete SQL ?
    Yes, as per their website, please see the screenshot below
    codebasics data analyst bootcamp sql syllabus

    • Install MySQL: Windows
    • Install MySQL: Linux, Mac
    • Join More Than Two Tables
    • Subqueries
    • ANY, ALL Operators
    • Correlated Subquery
    • Common Table Expression (CTE)
    • CTE Benefits & Other Applications
    • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
    • HAVING Clause
    • Retrieve Data Using Numeric Query (BETWEEN, IN, ORDER BY, LIMIT, OFFSET)
    • Summary Analytics (MIN, MAX, AVG, GROUP BY)
    • Calculated Columns (IF, CASE, YEAR, CURYEAR)
    • Retrieve Data Using Text Query
    • Database Normalization and
    • Data Integrity
    • Data Types: Numeric (INT, DECIMAL, FLOAT, DOUBLE)
    • Data Types: String (VARCHAR, CHAR, ENUM)
    • Data Types: Date, Time (DATETIME, DATE, TIME, YEAR, TIMESTAMP)
    • Data Types: JSON, Spatial (JSON, GEOMETRY)
    • Primary Key
    • Foreign Key
    • Entity Relationship Diagram – ERD
    • INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE Statement
    • ETL, Data Warehouse
    • OLAP vs OLTP, Data Catalog
    • Fact vs Dimension Table
    • Star vs Snowflake Schema
    • Data Import
    • Simplified: What is Kanban?
    • User-Defined Functions
    • Stored Procedures
    • Database Views
    • Window Functions OVER
      Clause,ROW_NUMBER, RANK,
    • Database Triggers
    • Database Events
    • User Accounts and Privileges
    • Database Indexes
  • Do they cover complete Power BI?
    Yes, as per their website, however please check with them whether they are teaching Power BI 2.0 Or Power BI 3.0 as in their PDF based syllabus they have mentioned power bi 3.0 and on another place on their website (as per below screenshot) they have mentioned power bi 2.0
    codebasics data analyst bootcamp power bi syllabus
    Screenshot of their PDF Syllabus
    codebasics power bi
  • Are they teaching complete Python ?
    No, as per their website, Python is optional in this codebasics bootcamp 3.0 and its for beginners and intermediate learners. In fact as per their data analyst bootcamp journey roadmap they have clearly mentioned that you don’t have to wait to learn Python to start applying for jobs.
    codebasics python
  • Is this Codebasics Data Analyst Bootcampu 3.0 is a Data Analyst job guarantee course ?
    No, it’s a Placement Assistance data analyst bootcamp, which means, they will make you ready for data analyst jobs and help you with latest data analyst jobs through their Smart Job Assistance Portal.
  • Do They Have Refund ?
    Yes they do, within 30 days , no question asked 100% refund with no hidden conditions.
  • Is this bootcamp will be Live ?
    No, its a self placed pre recorded videos based bootcamp however as per their website, there will be monthly seminars and live discord community support.
  • Will the Pre recorded video lectures expire after a certain period of time ?
    No, as per their website, they are offering life time validity

Is AI Going to Replace Data Analyst?

Codebasics team has clearly answered this on their website,

The answer is both yes and no. AI can replace Data Analyst 1.0 roles
that involve repetitive tasks and basic data processing. However, Data Analyst 2.0 roles, which focus on dynamic requirements, business outcomes, and collaboration with stakeholders, cannot be easily replaced by AI.

Data Analysts who adapt to the changing landscape and become Data Analysts 2.0 will continue to be in demand, providing valuable insights and decision support to businesses.

To cover this AI challenge they have included AI module to equip you
with the skills needed to become a Data Analyst 2.0.

Who Should Do This Data Analyst Bootcamp & Who May Ignore it ?

You may ignore this course if you are a B.Tech CSE/IT/DS/AI, BCA, B.Sc CS, as you guys must fight for minimum a Data Scientist role.

Who should do it (these are our own opinion, please consult with your parents and connections as well):

  • You are having career gap & feeling lost and don’t even want to ask for help from your experienced batchmates/seniors.
  • Getting no job referrals, have no connections, no interest in making connections.
  • Have a fear of programming and don’t even want to try to overcome this fear.

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