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Job Location: Indraprasth

Job Detail:


Fynii is an online platform empowering students & freshers to lead them to a great career. It is being built with the fact that due to various reasons like Quality education, Inadequate knowledge & awareness, and proper mentoring & guidance, student & freshers are in a lot of confusion and faces problems like unemployment & low-quality career.

We are striving to solve these problems in a very practical way and we are creating a platform where every student & fresher will be able to build the best possible career & economic opportunity for them.

BigDataKB.com Jyotish
BigDataKB.com Jyotish - Career & Life Prediction

Key responsibilities:

1. Work on the integration of the front-end & back-end aspects of the web application
2. Evaluate written code to ensure it meets industry standards and is compatible & responsive with all devices
3. Write well-designed, testable, efficient & scalable front-end & back-end code
4. Implement testing tools that monitor the ongoing performance of the company web app
5. Work on the implementation of security & data protection
6. Maintain & ensure that the web app is fast, responsive, secure & scalable


1. Knowledge & experience with CI/CD Pipeline
2. Proficient knowledge of frameworks viz. React.js, Redux toolkit & Node.js
3. Proven work experience with JavaScript and MERN Stack development
4. Knowledge of REST API development
5. At least 12 months of experience in web development practices
6. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, web development, software development, or a related field
7. Agile and test-driven development best practices
8. Management of the hosting environment, including database administration and scaling an application to support load changes
9. Proficient understanding of Git
10. Ability to write and edit technical documentation

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