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Raam Raam Family, With the grace of Prabhu Shree Raam, has an opportunity for Data Science Internship as Forum Mentor for our Data Science Project Help Group at . Please find below the detail of this internship:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • School education, college degree or any data science certifications (Udemy/Coursera/Any Other online/offline training company) are NOT mandatory
  • No % or backlog criteria in education
  • We will primarily judge on the basis of your projects done & secondly on the basis of activeness in the group


  • 8000/- (feedback is 90%)
  • 5000/- (feedback is 70%)
  • 3000/- (feedback is <=50%)
  • Certificate for “Forum Mentor” with (World’s Number 1 Data Science Job Search & Connection Building website)

Duration of this Data Science Internship:

1 Month. We will have 12 such interns every year and the best of these 12 will have an opportunity to be the Sr. Forum Mentor role in future with as per the requirement with a respectable salary , this role will also be for 1 year.

Post 1 month, you will be respectfully asked to leave the Group so that we can offer the benefit of this internship to another brother/sister. Jyotish Jyotish - Career & Life Prediction


  • 5 days/9 Hours login hours with 1 hour of break, so you need be actively helping data science enthusiasts for their project/internship related technical queries for 8 hours.
  • Post login hours/weekend, You will be requested to also market (not mandatory) the group link to social networks/among your college friends/connections to bring more data science enthusiast on the group.
  • You will be required to provide the right solutions to the queries, you may take time but NO ignorance to any query be it the simplest or easiest one/NO -ve remarks on individuals programming/technical weakness.

Selection Process:

You will be required to submit your CV at , post which we will be taking feedback from our subscribers at our YouTube channel ” Data Science Career Coach ” and 1 best CV out of these CVs will be selected for that month as Proud Forum Mentor @

I hope, you would have never seen such a Data Science Internship for freshers anywhere else in the world. Your comments/feedback/suggestions below, will be highly appreciated.



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