Oceaneering | Sr. Trajectory Design & Data Engineer | Clear Lake Shores, TX | United States | BigDataKB.com | 17 Oct 2022

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Job Location: Clear Lake Shores, TX

Company Profile

Oceaneering Space Systems (OSS) is a precision engineering and manufacturing group which specializes in turn-key design, development, manufacturing, certification, maintenance, and testing of extra-vehicular and intra-vehicular (EVA & IVA) tools and equipment for astronauts; including life support and environmental control systems for space; robotic systems for military, space, and biological research; and thermal protection systems for launch vehicles. We also provide specialized engineering and support services in these areas, and astronaut training in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

For more information please go to
www.oceaneering.com and click on Products & Services, then click Space Systems (OSS). This position is located in Clear Lake, Texas.

Oceaneering is a global provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore energy industry. We develop products and services for use throughout the lifecycle of an offshore oilfield, from drilling to decommissioning. We operate the world’s premier fleet of work class ROVs. Additionally, we are a leader in offshore oilfield maintenance services, umbilicals, subsea hardware, and tooling. We also use applied technology expertise to serve the defense, entertainment, material handling, aerospace, science, and renewable energy industries.

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Position Summary

Provide trajectory products supporting spacecraft mission design & analysis for future human spaceflight missions such as Artemis and/or the Human Landing System

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Provide trajectory products supporting spacecraft mission design & analysis for future human spaceflight missions such as Artemis and/or the Human Landing System
  • Perform trajectory optimization runs to characterize vehicle performance and mission availability for a variety of scenarios
  • Prepare work summaries, presentations, and reports as required
  • Assist in software development and scripting of spacecraft trajectory design and optimization tools
  • Develop, integrate, and test new algorithms for evaluation of vehicle and mission performance
  • Write post-processing routines to analyze output data, determine mission viability, and determine solution methods
  • Assist with software development of the Copernicus trajectory optimization tool
  • Perform other duties as required


  • This position reports to the Program Manager


  • BS degree in engineering from an accredited engineering school and a minimum of 8+years of direct engineering experience, or a MS degree from an accredited engineering school and 4+ years of direct engineering experience, or Ph.D. degree and 2+ years direct engineering experience
  • Expertise in big data / database infrastructure (>10 TB data storage) and programming
  • Experience with big data analysis such as SQL queries and forming digestible reports from >1 TB dataset
  • Experience with big data programming tools such as SQL/SQLite/MySQL/PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Rust, Go, Hadoop, PySpark, SquashFS
  • Experience with programming and scripting languages such as Fortran, Python, and/or C++.
  • Ability to independently devise solutions to complex engineering problems by their own efforts and by soliciting inputs from other technical experts
  • Ability to organize and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and schedules with limited supervision
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to effectively interact with customers and management at all levels.


  • Computer Science degree with minor in Aerospace Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering (or vice versa)
  • Experience with data pipelines (automation of data management using tools like Gitlab, CI, Jenkins) and/or data interfaces (web app/tools for end users to interact with stored data)
  • Experience with orbital mechanics and/or spacecraft mission design
  • Experience with spacecraft trajectory optimization, including use of software tools such as Copernicus, GMAT, MONTE, STK, and/or FreeFlyer
Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified candidates will receive consideration for all positions without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or other non-merit factors.

Closing Statement

As COVID-19 continues to significantly impact employees, workplaces, families and communities, many of Oceaneering’s clients are requiring that all individuals working at their sites be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, including employees of Oceaneering and other contractors. Accordingly, only individuals who are, or are willing to be, fully vaccinated before their start date are eligible for this position. Any applicant selected for this position will be required to prove that they are fully vaccinated prior to their start date.

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