SeeWise.AI | Machine Learning Engineer | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, The Great Bharat | Bharat | | 2023-03-05

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Job Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, The Great Bharat

Job Detail:

  • Solid problem-solving skills with Python or C++
  • Experience working with open-source object detection (Mobilenet SSD, EfficientDet) and classification models (Mobilenet, VGG)
  • Solid image processing skills (camera calibration, homography estimation, feature matching, optical flow estimation)
  • Proficient in at least one of these: Tensorflow and pytorch
  • Experience with optimizing models (fp16, int8) and deployment on edge devices like coral and jetson nano with TensorRT
  • Comfortable with concepts of threading and multiprocessing
  • Depth estimation with Stereo Vision
  • Experience with cloud platforms like AWS for deployment and training is welcome
  • Advantageous if you have experience with using Django

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