Small Batch Standard | Junior Data Engineer | Remote | United States | | 2023-01-31

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Job Location: Remote

Job Detail:

We’re the premier, remote accounting, tax, and consulting firm built exclusively to serve the craft brewing industry.

Our mission is to help craft breweries grow profits and build deep successful relationships. And our team is filled with expert, autonomous, adaptable, technology-driven high performers.

Are you up for the challenge?

We’re looking for a full-time, remote Junior Data Engineer to join our specialized team. The main objective of this role is to design, develop, implement, and improve both internal and external applications to support our brewery clients and team in accordance with the SBS Core Values. Jyotish Jyotish - Career & Life Prediction

About The Role

This role will report to our Technology/Product Manager and is accountable for fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Building our data pipeline and analysis applications. A key aspect of the consulting service we provide to clients involves the collection, aggregation, analysis, modeling, and usage of financial data and benchmarks. We use this data both internally to develop and inform strategy, as well as externally through our Benchmarks Assessment ( and Compass analysis product ( You’ll be responsible for working with our team to build out our data pipeline for these tools, and progressively increasing our ability to aggregate, analyze, query, and feed back this data into our reporting, analysis, and consulting work. Platforms we’re building with include: SQL, Airflow, Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Google Apps Script, Intuit/QuickBooks Online.

  • New process and technology R&D.
    We’re always looking for new opportunities to provide both our team and our clients access to additional tools that give them leverage, automate and streamline processes, and overall make work more efficient. Part of your time will be dedicated to researching, testing, and prototyping new tech and application options.

  • Participate and contribute to the overall success of our team.
    Each week the team meets to share wins, progress, and knowledge, as well as identify and solve issues at multiple levels (company, team, individual). Your full participation in this process is critical to ensure that we are operating as a cohesive, high-performance unit.

About You

We’re looking for an individual who:

  • Is a problem solver through-and-through. Everywhere you look, you both (a) see problems to solve, and (b) see solutions and new ways of doing things that just haven’t been done yet. You know how to think outside of the box, are willing to “go there” with new ideas and solutions that haven’t been done before, and have the confidence to start building, testing, iterating, and making sh*t work.
  • Is a systems thinker. You understand both the big picture and how the functional components fit together, and have the ability to take a specific analysis outcome and generalize it to fit a wide range of scenarios through structure and sound system design.

  • Can fail fast, iterate, and learn.
    You’re an independent, self-directed, learner who isn’t afraid to “move fast and break stuff” knowing that failure is a prerequisite to success, ESPECIALLY in product development. You may not have traditional credentials, but what you do have is the ability to rapidly learn, adopt, test, and understand new languages, platforms, tools, and solutions.

  • Is a manager of one.
    Unlike working within a traditional firm, in this role you’ll be in the driver’s seat, managing your workflow and workload in order to meet the standard set of deliverables required for each client.

About Our Culture

We’re fully remote, with team members and clients located all across the U.S. and have developed our own unique culture we call The SBS Way, within which we operate, evaluate performance, and make decisions using our core values as a guide:

  • Be Antifragile. Everything we do, good or bad, makes us better. And every experience is an opportunity for learning and continuous improvement.

  • Play The Long Game.
    We make decisions, to the best of our ability, in the long-term interest of our firm, our team, our clients, and our broader industry and community.

  • Embrace Technology.
    We welcome new technologies with open arms, and are always exploring, testing, and implementing them in the interest of enhancing both our internal capabilities and our client’s outcomes.

  • Build and Trust The Process.
    Each member of the team is committed to building, following, and improving the processes we use to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

  • Act as A Team of Expert Knowledge Workers.
    We openly and willingly collaborate, communicate, and provide rapid, direct feedback in the interest of learning, improving and developing ourselves.

Working At SBS

What it’s like working at our firm:

  • High flexibility. We believe in the ability of our team to determine the best way to complete their work. We measure outputs, not inputs. We don’t have time sheets. We don’t track hours. We don’t pay attention to when and where our team works. Your schedule is yours to make.

  • High accountability.
    What we care about most is that we deliver on what we promise to our clients. In this respect, we measure and manage to our deliverable performance metrics and ensure each team member takes ownership over their accomplishment with a high level of quality that aligns with our core values

  • Great pay for great work.
    We pay based on the characteristics that matter: position (and its market value), level of mastery, and longevity with the firm. All of which aim to ensure each member of the team feels they are compensated well and can focus on great work.

  • Merit-based career progression.
    We have clearly established career tracks, performance benchmarks, and mastery levels set for all of our core positions. How quickly you progress is entirely under your control, with a quarterly review and bi-annual promotion consideration cycle in place to evaluate your progress.

  • Generous benefits.
    We offer a generous benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance enrollment; as well as an IRA match, tech stipend, 3 weeks of paid time off, and entry into our profit share bonus program after two years of service.

  • Personal and and team development.
    In addition to our overall continuous learning focus, we also provide support for personal development in the form of expense coverage for continuing education (books, courses, training, certifications, etc.) as well as experiential learning (brewery visits, industry events and conferences, etc.). Each year we also meet in person for an all-expenses-paid annual retreat as a team. No work. Lots of fun. Lots of client beer.

Job Requirements

The following basic requirements must be met:

  • Previous experience in SQL development and database management.
  • Previous experience building useful applications in scripting languages like VBA, Google Apps Script, Python, PHP, etc.
  • Can do effective cross-functional work in a remote environment.
  • Have crystal clear professional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Have exacting organizational standards and a calm and friendly attitude.
  • Available and responsive during normal business hours (9am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday).
  • Have a strong, consistent internet connection and a work environment conducive to video calls.

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Direct previous experience building data pipelines.
  • Direct previous experience building Airflow workflows and applications.
  • Experience building out and managing API connections.
  • Experience working with Quickbooks Online or similar accounting or finance platforms.
  • Experience using Podio or similar remote project management tools (e.g. Trello, Asana, etc.).

Next Steps

If the position, culture, values, and mission at Small Batch Standard sound like they’re the right fit for you, please apply here.

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