XYMA Analytics | Python Developer | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, The Great Bharat | Bharat | BigDataKB.com | 2023-03-09

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Job Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, The Great Bharat

Job Detail:

Role: Python Developer

Requirements – General & Python

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Should be proficient in the following

• Python Syntax, Semantics & Runtime Environment, Python data Structures & Datatypes, Functions, Conditional Loops.

• Python Modules for Numerical computation, Signal Processing, Data Visualization & Management, and Communication protocols.

• Python algorithms to communicate with other hardware devices using SDK (Software Development Kit) for data acquisition & sending command instructions.

• Python OOPs, GUI Development, PEP conventions, Text File Processing, Communication Systems, IIoT, Network Programming, Python MySQL database.

• Knowledge of different Computing units & Processors such as AMD, ARM, Raspberry Pi, etc., & other SBCs available in the market.

• Able to work with Windows & any Debian-based Linux distribution OS & its command line tools.

• Require good data analytical skills & Strong Math background.

• Able to coordinate with the Operations & Electronics team for developing algorithms.

• Basic knowledge of Sound waves & Ultrasound Properties will be required.

• Minor knowledge of other programming languages such as MATLAB, C, C++, and C#.

• Eager to learn and can work with minimal guidance & Supervision.

Education Qualification: UG in any Engineering discipline (Candidates with good coding skills will be preferred).

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