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No Placements at My College – Bad Admission ?

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Recently, one of our dear subscribers on our youtube channel ( Career Guidance) asked this question…

“Sir, There is no / less placement in my college and there is no program for internship also, what should I do, It is causing lot of tension, my branch is, B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence “

This checklist is for student who could not get good college, with placement support, however we suggest please make sure you choose a college where good placement is there. Assured Placements Checklist:

  1. Irrespective of the level of the college or branch, 3/4 years are more than enough to get a freshers job, Please keep this in your mind with full confidence.
  2. Don’t love your subjects, rather love yourself, your parents and last but not the lease have great bonding with your college juniors/batchmates/seniors. Help juniors for their backlogs, help seniors for their job and help batchmates in study. Remeber, you are in a Jail where you have to score 65/70% to be released.
  3. If stuck on a topic, blame that book, that faculty, that website but never blame yourself, rather try to take help from your seniors/batchmates, try different book/website.. but no matter what, never disrespect yourself.
  4. 1st Year, 100% focus on making sure not to get any backlogs, feel proud to try Saam, Daam, Dand , Bhed… (be smart, don’t get caught), Our education system is very cunning, don’t be Gandhi with it….
  5. From 2nd year, start focusing on doing job search and discussing those jobs to seniors and helping seniors for their jobs (send them job notifications), at any cost, you have to make sure that you are not going to do Internships from any government company (just for free samosa..), rather make sure that you are doing internship from a company where your seniors (doesn’t matter he/she from your college or not) are working and there is an opportunity to get absorbed post your graduation. (don’t worry , finding these types of companies is possible, if you love yourself not the subjects)
  6. Third year (5th Semester) is for making a project which is related to your internship and can be your little startup (a website/an App…), if needed, beg to your HOD for not forcing you to make same old projects which are not related to your internship.
  7. Third year (6th Semester- 3 months): Full focus on Aptitude, make R.S Agarwal your best friend, make sure to be master at Quantitative aptitude and Logical reasoning, if needed join some Bank PO classes, this is very useful for any exam, be it freshers jobs, college placement, bank, railway, civil services…any other exam.
  8. Third year (6th Semester- 3 months): Full focus on improving English (make sure your are learning English to clear HR & Technical interviews not to be become master at English, because its not possible until you get into a job). Just prepare your CV as per the job searches you have done, as per the discussions you have done and prepare all possible HR/Technical questions and answers with your batchmates and seniors and Rattofy them with proper stylish English, as if you are preparing for a 10 mins drama which is called as HR/Technical interview.

Remember , if you can finish your graduation by writing papers in English then you must not worry about your English in interviews, HR gives relaxation in HR/Technical rounds to students who are good at aggregate and the first Aptitude round..

Now, let’s take the example of our subscriber brother’s question.., Suppose he has to get a nice job being from a college with no placement and doing B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, how he can get a nice job following above checklist…, Suppose this brother’s name is Raam

    • 1st Year

      Raam, is not bothered about placements, rather he is fully focused in clearing papers with 65/70% score, no interest in becoming expert for what is taught in 1st year.

    • 2nd Year- 3rd Sem

      He has collected enough Artificial Intelligence based companies who offers Internship and also made great connection in these companies by helping seniors (doesn’t matter from which college senior) working in these companies, by sending them senior job notifications  (attaching the some of them below, taken from

      List of companies Hiring AI Interns in Bharat

S.N Company Location Role
1 Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Mumbai Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Development Internship
2 Frost & Sullivan Tamil Nadu Intern Data Science & AI Engineer
3 NatWest Group Gurugram Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Internship
4 EY Bengaluru EY GDS Consulting AI and Data Intern
5 Micron Bhagya Nagar 2024 Intern – Data Engineer, Smart MFG & AI
6 Aptiv Bengaluru AI-ML Intern
7 GE Vernova Bengaluru Advanced Research Intern AI/ML
8 Bharti Airtel Gurugram Artificial Intelligence AI Internship
9 Pocket FM The Great Bharat AI (Midjourney + ChatGPT) work from home job/internship
10 TVS Supply Chain Solutions Chennai Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Interns
11 Seagate Technology Pune Intern – AI Machine learning
12 Philips Bengaluru BTech/MTech Intern – Data Analytics, AIML, Data Science
13 Intel Corporation Bengaluru Intern – Imaging Data Scientist (AI Applications)
14 Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Bengaluru Intern-AIML models
15 Pearson Bengaluru AI Engineer – Intern
16 EmendoAI Work from home Artificial Intelligence Internship
17 Genesys International Corporation Mumbai Artificial Intelligence Internship
18 Epicenter The Great Bharat AI/ML Intern
19 Conscript HR Advisors Work from home Artificial Intelligence Internship
20 Wingify The Great Bharat Artificial Intelligence Intern
21 KLA Chennai, Tamil Nadu AI/ML Intern
22 Isourse NCR Artificial Intelligence Internship
23 NextGen Technologies Bengaluru Artificial intelligence Intern
24 Algol Business Systems Faridabad AI Content Marketer
25 Futurism The Great Bharat AI/ML Intern
26 Minus Equals Plus Work from home Artificial Intelligence Internship
27 Conscript HR Advisors Private Limited Work from home Artificial Intelligence Internship
28 Redsky Hospitality Pune Artificial Intelligence Internship
29 AIESEC in India Phagwara, Punjab Artificial Intelligence Intern
30 DDS GROUP Bengaluru Artificial Intelligence Internship
31 Bynd Gurugram Software Engineering – Data & AI Internship
32 Mohindra Mechanical Works The Great Bharat Artificial Intelligence Intern
33 Intellify Work from home Artificial Intelligence Internship
34 Listed Fans Bengaluru AI/ML Engineer – Intern
35 CarbonCompete Chennai Artificial Intelligence Internship
36 Softnerve Technology Private Limited Work From Home Artificial Intelligence Internship
37 AIOrdinate Work From Home Artificial Intelligence Internship
38 Gurugram Factacy Insights – AI Data Quality Analyst (Intern)
39 MBS STUDIOS PTE. LTD. Work From Home Graphic Concept Artificial Intelligence Internship
40 Beez Innovation Labs Private Limited Chennai Artificial Intelligence Intern
41 Binford Research Labs Pvt Ltd Bhagya Nagar AI Engineering internship
42 Ambicaa Jewel Insurance Bengaluru Artificial Intelligence Internship
43 Logibee Bengaluru AI ENGINEER
44 Chennai, Tamil Nadu Data Analytics / AI Intern
45 Bengaluru AI Engineer Intern
46 Metapix Mumbai Artificial Intelligence Intern
47 Cube Highways And Transportation Assets Advisors Private Limited Bhagya Nagar Image Processing (ML & AI) Internship
48 Qualys Pune Intern AI for Cybersecurity
49 ANMsoft Technologies Navi Mumbai AI Internship
50 Remunance Bengaluru Artificial Intelligence Developer Intern
51 Icertis The Great Bharat Intern – CTO’s Office (AI/ML)
52 Sumaiya Industries Work From Home Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Internship
53 Radius Work From Home Artificial Intelligence (AI) Internship
      • 2nd Year- 4th Sem

        He is all set to do his AI internship in a company where he has got his connection already working on a senior role, and more importantly, He very well know the exact requirement and expectation of the company. (Raam is not crying before his TPO for a better Internship related to Artificial Intelligence, rest of his friends opted to go for Java, Android App Dev, Govt. Company Samosa Eating, Joined a training company to learn AI…). Raam also learnt AI, but in a well know company (not through a AI course or training company)

      • 3rd Year- 5th Sem

        AI Based Website/App/AI teaching Youtube channel, made as Project – Already started making money from them as Startup.

      • 3rd Year – 6th Sem (3 Months)

        Aptitude Done (Prepared for Off campus placements, Govt. Jobs)

      • 3rd Year – 6th Sem (3 Months)

        English & CV based technical interview preparation done, No more “Laanat” as “BOSDK” in terms of communication. Raam was able to do this because he did not have to waste his time on searching for a better Internship (he had already planned it in 3rd Semester)

      • Final Year

        As college is LOL has no placements hence Raam is just making his startup better by joining an AI freelancer for Free, in addition to heling his seniors for seniors/lead/manager level jobs in better companies with better salary than their current companies.

      • As he is already earning enough from his Startup, hence he is not bothered about job and have started planning for AI based Jobs in United States based companies (have listed few of them below taken from

        List of companies Hiring AI Freshers in United States

S.N Company Location Role
1 Deloitte Rosslyn, VA Jr AI and Machine Learning Data Scientist – Intelligence
2 Bosch USA Mount Prospect, IL AI/ML Graduate Intern with Focus on AI Engineering
3 Walmart Levittown, NY Associate AI Data Specialist
4 University of California Berkeley Berkeley, CA Assistant Researcher – Machine Learning and AI – Electrical Engineering
5 Princeton University Princeton, NJ Postdoctoral Research Associate – Machine Learning, AI
6 AstraZeneca Waltham, MA R&D Data Sciences & AI Graduate Programme – US
7 Hofstra University Hempstead, NY Assistant Professor of Business Analytics/Artificial Intelligence
8 Meta Seattle, WA Visiting Researcher, AI Mentorship Program, UW (University Grad)
9 TikTok Seattle, WA Research Scientist, AI Privacy, University Graduate -Privacy Innovation Lab- 2023 Start PHD
10 Sony Electronics New York, NY Junior Data Analyst – Generative AI
11 Intel Corporation Hillsboro, OR AI Frameworks Graduate Intern
12 Harvard Business School Boston, MA Research Associate Artificial Intelligence
13 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. New York, NY Machine Learning Center of Excellence – Applied AIML Associate
14 Capella University Remote Associate AI Engineer
15 Hewlett Packard Palo Alto, CA Executive Assistant AI Models
16 Strayer University Remote Associate AI Engineer
17 University of Maine Orono, ME Artificial Intelligence Research Associate
18 North Carolina A&T State University Hybrid work in Greensboro, NC Assistant / Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence
19 Cisco Systems Research Triangle Park, NC AI Governance Analyst Junior
20 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA Associate AI Security Researcher
21 edX Boot Camps New Brunswick, NJ Artificial Intelligence Teaching Assistant Rutgers University Remote
22 Visa Austin, TX Executive Administrator Global AI & Data Innovation and Data Solutions
23 SIS Sunnyvale, CA Junior AI/ML Engineer Python
24 Activision Woodland Hills, CA Associate Game AI Engineer
25 Chirpn San Jose, CA AI/ML Trainee
26 Bio Techne Minneapolis, MN Graduate Intern Machine Learning/AI Guided Antibody Design
27 JHEx Texas Junior AI/ML Engineer
28 Comcast Washington, DC Graduate Intern AI Technologies
29 Services Seattle, WA Executive Assistant AWS AI
30 Arcadis New York, NY Junior AI Engineer
31 Noveo.AI United States Security AI Engineer Entry Level
32 JPMorgan Chase & Co Jersey City, NJ Applied AI ML Associate
33 BAE Systems Fairborn, OH Engineer Associate – Data Scientist – AI/ML Technology
34 Eastern Kentucky University Richmond, KY Assistant Professor (AI in Data Science)
35 Lockheed Martin Corporation King of Prussia, PA AI/ML Machine Learning Engineer – Early Career
36 Ankura United States Associate AI Researcher and Developer – Ankura Data and Technology Team
37 Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) Laurel, MD 2024 Graduate – AI/ML Data Scientist/Engineer – Analytic Capabilities
38 ReactDX Melbourne, FL Jr. AI Engineer
39 Abacode Inc Tampa, FL Junior ML/AI Engineering Consultant – HYBRID
40 MixMode Remote Junior AI Engineer
41 Frontier Medicines South San Francisco, CA Junior AI Engineer- South San Francisco or Boston, MA
42 Apple Seattle, WA AI/ML – Administrative Assistant
43 Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN Research Assistant – AI & Informatics Research
44 Innovative Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd. (SIIC IIT Kanpur). Cambridge, MA AI Researcher (Junior/Mid-level)
45 Duolingo Pittsburgh, PA AI Research Engineer, New PhD/Masters Graduate
46 Cotiviti United States Associate Software Engineer – Artificial Intelligence Operations
  • Now Raam is an AI Researcher with US based top company and also earning globally through his AI Startup (Website/App/Teaching YT channel). Now since he has no job stress, he has also started exploring Share Market/Trading/Stocks…., Most important part of Raam’s life is, he is still connected with his Juniors and Seniors (helping them to move ahead in their education & career), Raam makes sure that none of his Juniors must get backlogs or less than 60%….& none of his Seniors should continue doing Job throughout their life (Raam is very much involved in helping them for their Startup)

So above was the story of Raam, who had joined a “LOL” college with no placement.

Life is 99% fixed due to our Past Life Karm , Don’t be so serious about Degree, Job, family, life…., do the things which pleases Almighty, rest will be taken care of…he cares for Kide/Makode, why can’t he take care of you, whom, being a Human, he loves the most.

राम राम

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