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Every Company is Asking For Experience – How Can I Get Power BI Jobs For Freshers ?

Question: One brother has asked on Data Science Career Coach youtube channel, Every Company is Asking For Experience – How Can I Get Power BI Jobs for Freshers ?

Answer: With the help of BigDataKB.com

We will follow below strategies being a fresher to our first Power BI Developer Job.

Search For Companies Hiring Exact Freshers:

Search & find out the exact power bi jobs for freshers by using two search filters on BigDataKB.com, first, “Power BI” Under “Job Category” & “Entry level” under “Role Category” search filter, which showed 12 power BI jobs for freshers as on 11 April 2022 as per the jobs that we have posted for last 3 months.., We have to explore these 12 jobs and have to make LinkedIn connections in same companies with people having same job role.

Second,  “Power BI” Under “Job Category” & “0-1/2/3…” under “Experience” search filter, which showed 6 power BI jobs for freshers as on 11 April 2022 as per the jobs that we have posted for last 3 months. So now we have 18 (exactly 15 after removing duplicates) Power BI Jobs for freshers as on 11th April from last 3 months jobs data.

With this search we have found following companies who are hiring freshers:

VG IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Mashreq Global Services Private Limited
Techdome Solutions Private Limited
Shree Santoshi Agencies
Lumina Datamatics
Pianalytix Edutech Private Limted

Search For Startups Hiring Power BI Developers:

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Now we have listed out the Startups where Power BI Developers are needs, for this we will select all the companies which were established between 2015 till 2021, we can get this by selecting the years under “Estd. Year” search filter & “Power BI” Under “Job Category” search filter.

With above search we found following companies who started between 2015 & 2021 and hiring Power BI Developers.

CIEL HR Services Pvt Ltd
Leuwint technologies
Loyalytics consulting
DXC Technology India
Techknomatic Services
TVS Next

Search For Job Consultants Hiring Power BI Developers:

Next, we will search for the Job Consultants who are hiring Power BI Developers:, by searching for “Yes” under “Job Consultancy” filter & “Power BI” Under “Job Category” search filter. With this search we found following job consultant who are hiring Power BI Developers.

HyreFox Consultants Pvt Ltd
Burgeon It Services Pvt Ltd
kk consulting services
Spectral Consultants
Inspiration Manpower Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Spectral Consultants

Prepare on what these Companies are Asking for:

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Carefully browse all these companies and the check their key skills requirement and job description and finally make sure that we meet those skills and also ready to work as per their job description.

Connection Building:

Now we have to do following with above companies:

  • Search them on Linkedin and find our fresher power BI developers working there and build connection with them. Also check out, what courses people working in these companies have done and try to follow the same.
  • If possible , physically visit these companies and showcase our projects and ask for Internship (even be ready for Free Internship)

Trust me buddies, this is enough to fetch your first Power BI Job as a fresher….

Sambhaji Rao | Data Science Career Coach
Sambhaji Rao | Data Science Career Coachhttps://bigdatakb.com
No More Pain For Job Search- Let's Take Out Some Time For Society... I am From Bharat.., The Most Blessed Country...Jai Hind- Bharat Mata Ki Jai....


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