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Redcarpet.ai | Jobs | RedCarpet – Full Stack Developer – React.js/Python/TypeScript | BigDataKB.com | 18-02-22

Job Location: Delhi / NCR

RedCarpet.ai is one of India’s largest issuers of revolving credit instruments to the new-to-credit market. We have over 1.7 lakh plastic in 28 cities and a couple of million users of virtual revolving credit on our app. Our products include different kinds of cards as well as the new upcoming UPI 2.0 Overdraft system. At RedCarpet, we have built and own the stack – everything from acquisition to underwriting to collections is built in house.none of our software is outsourced.

We are beating the industry on tech and have one of the best performance in the industry. We see the industry and regulatory tailwinds in the near future – we want to be the first startup to get a credit cards license from the RBI. We are already one of the first startups to get a NBFC license from the RBI. We are targeting a multi-billion dollar market (on the lower end) while building a fundamental #MakeInIndia company. We work closely with the Niti Aayog, RBI, NPCI and the Startupindia/DIPP and contribute our policy papers and opinions on a highly regulated space like lending. We have chosen to take a higher ethical ground through design, long before privacy concerns ever surfaced in India :

  • https://www.redcarpetup.com/2017/11/29/design-for-honesty/
  • This is who we are ‘https://www.redcarpetup.com/careers/ and https://www.instagram.com/redcarpetuplife/’

Technical culture @ Redcarpet :

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We’re looking for someone with a strong architectural and hacker background and willing to stand their ground and fight for what they believe is best – but be able to be pleasant while dealing with people.
An engineer in this role is expected to design, build, deploy, and manage systems from scratch. You will wear multiple hats of “architect”, “tester” or “debugger”. This means that you will need to learn, ideate and innovate on various layers across the stack and that comes with a tremendous amount of learning.

Important :

  • We do NOT believe in front end and back end. As an engineering organization, we build products. Which means you will build the front end, backend, DB models, QA/testing as well as run deployment. In return we will give you incredible power and freedom to innovate.
  • You will build the system that powers credit cards all over in India. When a person walks into a club and swipes a credit card – it will be your code. Or when someone buys medicines in a hospital, it will be your code. Your code will power ATMs to deliver cash for people in need and for you to buy laptops on Amazon.com this is what our credit card looks like – https://www.redcarpetup.com/2019/12/19/redcarpet-card-design/

About this role :

  • You will build api and management tools for credit cards. The api powers our credit cards 24/7 and integrates with the bank as well as VISA/Mastercard, etc.
  • This is one of the most unique and challenging technology roles you will ever do in your life. This covers every aspect of cutting edge tech – including backend & frontend, data science, devops, mobile tech, cloud and security
  • You will be building for India. #MakeInIndia
  • As a consequence of the higher performance api requirements, you will also have ownership over the Kubernetes and entire system stack
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Technologies in use :

  • Typescript, Reactjs/Nodejs, Redis, Celery, Flask, Python, Docker, Postgres and Scikit.
  • Kubernetes, PySpark, Luigi, AWS Lambda, Kafka, Gevent and Asyncio.

Required Skills :

  • Excellent software developer skills. We don’t care which programming language you know. Our interview is a coding interview based on an architectural problem that you can solve in any language you want.
  • Open source work on github is a huge plus.
  • We do not care which college you are from or what degree you have. You only have to get through our interview.

Work From Home Policy :

  • At RedCarpet, we were the first startup in India to go full work from home in March. Read about our approach to wfh here – https://www.redcarpetup.com/2020/03/12/Comrades-at-home/
  • We are committing to a fully remote first culture for atleast the next 12 months. You can work from any place in India. You dont need to be in Delhi.
  • Our work schedule is Monday to Saturday
  • Our working culture is here : https://github.com/RedCarpetUp/ThisIsTheWay/

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