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Inflexon Point | Jobs | Senior Data Scientist | BigDataKB.com | 08-02-22

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Job Location: Bangalore/Bengaluru

Senior Data Scientist – Bangalore

Role: Senior Data Scientist
As a Senior Data scientist, you will build world class AI powered product. Your expertise in performs NLP, Deep learning, statistical analysis, data mining and retrieval processes on a large amount of data to identify trends, figures and other relevant information which will be a great addition in our team. You will also perform data analysis on data stored in data warehouses or data centers to solve a variety of business problems, optimize performance and gather business intelligence.
Design, Implement and Evaluate models and Design machine learning systems (NLP, information retrieval, search, and recommendation systems)

• Design, development, evaluate and deploy innovative and highly scalable ML to improve the quality of products.
• Utilize Data Science development process(Data sheets, Model sheets, EDA, Training, Testing, Deployment and Documentation) during ML system development
• You should be passionate about working with data sets and be someone who loves to bring datasets together and use machine learning and analytical techniques to answer business questions and deliver actionable user-insights to build the best products and models.
• Rapidly prototype integration of latest research in the field of ML/DL into the product.
• Work closely with team of high performing data scientist and single ownership to identify opportunities, design, and assess improvements to ML Engine & Products.
• Mentor other team members (data scientist, data analyst, ML engineers).

Role Skills:
• Ability 5+ years of hands-on experience in building machine learning systems.
• hands-on capability to break down and frame business problems into data science solutions and create MVP out of it and run a DS project end to end independently.
• Experience in building search and recommendation systems.
• Experience in applying statistical techniques to analyze data, selecting dataset for training, sampling, data shift.
• Experience in NLP (Sequence segmentation, Labeling and parsing, Knowledge extraction, Question answering, Multi text learning, ontology, taxonomy building), Machine Learning.
• Proficient in Math & Deep Learning (VAE, RNN, LSTM, CNN, attention models, Transfomer etc.), machine learning(svm, random forest), Clustering, topic modeling(LDA, LSA) and graph models.
• Experience in Python, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow.
• Experience of designing A/B testing during deploying new DL models into production
• Experience of implementing Deep Learning models into production
• Experience with python-based visualization libraries (such as plotly, streamlit, and dash)
• B.S./B.S.E./MS degree in Applied Math, Data Science, Computer Science, Physics, or Similar Technical Field

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Preferred Qualifications

• Passion to dive deep to resolve problems at their root.
Experience in Data Governance, Data quality, Model Governance & MLops is a huge plus. Functional knowledge of platforms such as MLFLOW, Hopsworks/Sagemaker feature store/feast/Tecton, Seldon, DVC.
• Experience on building fair & explainable ML based product.
• Experience on federated learning, differential privacy, reinforcement learning.
• Experience of git, flask, restful APIs.
• Experience working in a fast-paced, high tech environment.

Traits that you have

A Strong team player with excellent communication
Continuous improvement A problem solver
Business & Tech
Risk savvy

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